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    Microsoft Streets & Trips, навигационная программа
    [ ] 20.02.2008, 22:50

    Компания Microsoft анонсировала три новых версии своего пакета навигационных программ под названием Streets & Trips 2008. Самая дорогая "комплектация" пакета стоит 180 долларов. За эти деньги вы получите приложения Streets & Trips 2008 и Connected Services, которые, с помощью ресивера MSN Direct (в комплекте), обеспечивают пользователя информацией о текущем состоянии дорожного движения и о стоимости бензина на автозаправочных станциях, которые встречаются по пути. В виде приятного дополнения в этой компектации присутствует GPS-антенна. Ресивер MSN Direct не нуждается в интернет-соединении, он использует собственный сервис MSN Direct, годовая подписка на который также включена в стоимость пакета.
    Второй вариант стоит ровно 100 долларов и влючает ПО Streets & Trips 2008 и GPS Locator, а также антенну для GPS-ресиверов на основе чипсета SiRFstar III. Ресивер MSN Direct в этой комплектации отсутствует. Ну и, наконец, самый дешёвый вариант - за 40 долларов вы получите непосредственно саму программу Streets & Trips 2008, которую сможете установить на ноутбук или любое мобильное устройство под управлением ОС Windows.
    You know where you want to go, and Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 can help you get there. This best-selling travel and map software has been enhanced with several new features that take all the guesswork out of traveling, letting you focus on the sites, instead of the directions. With more than 1.6 million points of interest to choose from, and with updated maps and the most extensive trip planning features you'll find anywhere, Streets & Trips will help you plan your trip, your way.

    What's New in 2008:

    Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 offers the latest available maps of nearly 6 million miles of routable roads and highways throughout the United States and Canada. While you're driving, verbal turn-by-turn directions let you concentrate on the road while the software guides you. Customizable trip planning features allow you to plan multiple stops, find nearby places to visit, calculate drive time, and more.

    Updated features let you identify one-way streets at a glance, and a robust keyword search lets you quickly find business and other points of interest quickly by entering in single search terms. Do you need a cup of coffee now? Simply type in the word "coffee" and Streets & Maps offers you the nearest coffee houses. Best of all, the search results automatically refresh as you continue to drive, so you will always have the most relevant information at your fingertips.

    Online or off, Streets & Trips gives you the latest maps that give you the most accurate, detailed door to door directions at your fingertips. You can find current business listings while you're online and then take them with you. In a hurry? You can optimize your travel efficiencies by calculating mileage, time, and expenses in advance, even avoiding delays due to construction by downloading free updates from the Web. An updated navigation mode makes it easier than ever to know where you are, so that you can estimate drive time quickly and precisely, and enhanced customizable trip planning options will help you to plan stops, scenic detours, and fuel stops. You can even add multiple destinations; and quickly alter your route at a moment's notice.

    Streets & Trips also features enhanced support for your GPS receiver that gives you a new perspective map view that can give you a road view like the one you would see through your windshield, to get a road view like the one you would see through your windshield. And the automatic re-routing feature gets you back on track, even when you miss a turn. (GPS functionality requires a GPS device that supports NMEA 2.0 or later, which is included in Streets & Trips with GPS Locator.

     Over 1.6 million points of interest such as ATMs, hotels, landmarks, and more
     Enhanced Keyword search helps you quickly find nearby business and POIs immediately
     Customizable trip planning options allow you to plan stops, scenic detours, and more
     Navigation Mode lets you estimate drive time before you leave your house
     Offers GPS capability (GPS receiver sold separately)
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